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What is The Entrepreneur Hoodie?

If entrepreneurship had a uniform, it would be a hoodie. They're comfortable, stylish and the visible representation of the creativity, hard work and spirit of entrepreneurs. Now entrepreneurship has an official hoodie - The Entrepreneur Hoodie.

Its versatile Navy Blue color with the recognizable grey inner hood will identify you as an entrepreneur immediately. And the stitched (not printed) logo means, like you, we care about quality. The Entrepreneur Hoodie’s hashtag - #WearAndShare – also make it clear that, while you’re all about success, you give back too. For every Entrepreneur Hoodie, we give $5 to support teaching young people in disadvantaged communities how to be entrepreneurs. We encourage you to wear your hoodie and share your success and leadership (#WearAndShare). Post a photo of you in your Entrepreneur Hoodie with the tag #WearAndShare and we’ll share it as well.

You're going to wear a hoodie anyway - wear the official Entrepreneur Hoodie and supporting teaching entrepreneurship.